Swim Spas & Spools
Perfect For Smaller Backyards

Are you looking for a luxurious backyard but have don’t have much space for a swimming pool? Then you should think about having a spool or swim spa in your backyard.


If you are looking for a luxurious backyard but have limited space, you may be in the market for a Spool. A Spool is a small swimming pool with big features! We can fit one almost anywhere and outfit it with several different options.

Spools also have the added benefit of being easy to maintain and inexpensive to operate because of their size but still provide luxury, comfort and entertainment, all in a small package.

Click on any photo below to see some examples of the Spools we’ve built. You’re sure to find some new ideas that will be just right for your small backyard.

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Swim Spas

Get a quality workout at home with our range of swim spas. Available in various sizes to suit any space, swim spas are a perfect addition to your backyard.

The strong jets pushing water will allow you to train your fitness, swimming against the force of the water. Now, you no longer need a wide-open space and a pool installation to get a great water workout. Suitable for all levels of swimmers, this is your own at-home workout, perfect for the whole family.

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