Pool Heating - Solar will Change the Way You Use your Pool

Do you want to heat your swimming pool and extend your swimming season, but hate the idea of costly bills associated with fuel fired heaters? A solar pool heater is the answer to your problem. When it comes to heat the swimming pool water, solar is our best source of energy available today. Have you ever turned on the garden hose and out comes hot water? That is exactly how our solar pool heaters work, by collecting heat from sunshine and moving it to your pool. A solar heater can raise the temperature of your swimming pool water to 8-15 degrees and extend your swimming seasons. Our systems can also work in reverse and Cool your Pool by running at night.


Powerstrips – Perfect way to Heat your Swimming Pool

At Mr. Carlos Pools, we use Powerstrips, manufactured by Hot Sun Industries of San Diego California. Powerstrips are serviceable and repairable. They are fitted tighter to the roof than solar panels, as you can see in the image at the right, means less wind loss and better performance per collector area all without sacrificing the value of the home. And with that you can be sure that your pool is set to the perfect temperature at all time.


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